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Work with the Nonprofit Center

We are always looking for talented speakers, consultants, and nonprofit authorities and experts to facilitate trainings, workshops, and other special events. If you have a specific topic that you feel would be beneficial for nonprofits in Northeast Florida to hear, please reach out. You can contact Callan Brown at

Current call for proposals

In 2019, the Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida will be hosting a series of trainings focused on Management and Fundraising topics. 

To make these events a success, we are actively recruiting speakers who have expertise in management and/or fundraising fields and you are on our list as someone who could be a great fit! Each training will be held at the Jessie Ball duPont Center in downtown Jacksonville, FL. 

If you are interested in presenting a workshop for the Nonprofit Center, click here to view our Call for Proposals.


For any questions or for more information, please visit our website at or contact Callan Brown at 904-425-1831 or